FDSH Parent University set for Thursday

Parents of freshman wanting to know more about Fort Dodge Senior High can learn all about the school Thursday at Parent University.

“What it’s really designed to do is provide parents of freshman students with some basic information about Senior High and specifically ways they can get information or access resources here at senior high to help support their students,” Allison Emery, FDSH assistant principal, said.

The evening begins with a group introduction and is followed by several informational sessions for parents. The information will regard both the students and parents, to learn about the resources available for both at the school.

“Some of the examples would be how to access Infinite Campus, which helps parents see attendance, grades. Everything from notices about coming events to how much money is in students’ lunch accounts. They can access all kinds of information and be connected to the school in that way,” Emery said. “We also have our school attendance office. They will talk to parents about attendance and the importance of their children attending and what to do in case their child needs to be absence for the day.”

Teachers will also speak to the parents about classroom expectations and procedures, Emery said.

“They’ll talk about what those expectations will be for the students so that is clearly communicated,” she said. “They’ll answer questions, too, from the parents.”

According to Carrie Traver, FDSH freshman counselor, there will be a session about the support services offered by the Senior High.

“We have five counselors here at Senior High,” Traver said. “We also have a BRIDGES program, and they work with students and the community and parents, and get them involved. It’s just knowing who’s who and who can help you with what and where to go if you need certain types of help.”

Traver said the program is beneficial.

“For parents especially it helps them see what the high school’s like,” she said. “High school can be kind of intimidating, depending on what their high school experience is like. We want parents to know when you transition from middle school to high school it still is a friendly place we want them to be involved in.”

Students also benefit, Traver said.

“When parents are involved students have a lower drop-out rate and they have higher success,” she said. “We encourage parents to communicate with us, come into the high school and even give us ideas about who to help their children because they know their students better than we know. Parent involvement is key.”

Parent University will be held Thursday in the Gail Niceswanger Little Theater from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.