‘Respect the community’

To the editor:

I saw that the city had put up new signs for the fitness equipment by Rosedale Rapids. I wondered at the equipment at first, but as I’ve utilized it in my jogs and trips to the play equipment with my daughter I’ve realized what a great addition it is.

This evening there were two boys around 8 years old attempting to break the signs. Is this really how we’re raising our children? By evidence of the knife slashes in Rosedale Rapids’ play equipment, the broken Frisbee golf signs and targets, and the candy wrappers and trash observed around Fort Dodge, it is. Vandalism, littering, and an overall disrespect for the community is evident from parking lots to parks. Parents, while I’m sure your kids would never do anything like this, please take the time to teach them to respect the community in which we all live.

Thank you.

Reed McCullough

Fort Dodge