Wants a FD leadership change

To the editor:

I for one believe that our local leaders have almost put Fort Dodge in the poorhouse. This town of 25,000 people is more than $108 million in debt and they (local government) want to spend even more (think crosstown connector, yet another upgrade to either the sewage plant, the water department, the dam, or the landfill or more trails, or to support the water park that lost money last year (maybe this year also?) etc.)

Who will pay for all this? Detroit found out that eventually they ran out of other people’s money. The taxpayers left and the city is “bankrupt” and hoping for a bailout, almost the only people left are those living off of government.

Fort Dodge spends far more than they take in and seems unable to repair the streets that the citizens have asked their local government to do for at least 10 to 15 years. Have you hit a pothole lately? I know there are a few streets getting done but this has not been a high priority. The highest priority seems to be the unending “studies” we do on everything. The amount of cement in the numerous trails could have paved many streets. Oh, I know, this is to bring new business to town, blah, blah, blah. We need a change in leadership in Fort Dodge.

Dennis Houston

Fort Dodge