White Transfer & Storage Co. expands

Fort Dodge-based White Transfer & Storage Co. is on the move. In mid-July construction began on a new 100,000-square-foot warehouse near U.S. Highway 18 in Kossuth County.

Dennis Crimmins, who owns the company, said this new Algona facility will increase the company’s overall commercial warehouse storage capacity to about 600,000 square feet and improve its ability to serve clients in Kossuth County and nearby venues. He said the company’s work force will expand from about 50 employees to approximately 60, creating new jobs at the Algona location. Crimmins estimated that the new building – being constructed by Jensen Builders Ltd. – will be ready for occupancy by Thanksgiving.

White Transfer & Storage already has large warehouses in Fort Dodge, Forest City and Webster City. Those buildings provide both short-term and long-term storage options for commercial clients. Crimmins said the existing facilities typically are full or nearly so. He said some of the space in the warehouses already online is being used by clients in Kossuth County. Consequently, providing storage in Algona for those customers will free up some space elsewhere in the system to serve other present and potential customers.

Crimmins said this expansion is in sync with the approach that has made the company a success story for more than a century: finding innovative ways to address customers’ needs and ensure convenient responsive service.

“The main reason that we’re building it and the main thing that we do is we’re growing as our customers demand,” he said. “The need was to grow in Algona. You wouldn’t think 40 miles is a long way, but in winter when there is snow and ice and people need parts right now … being right next door is a big difference.”

Crimmins also said the booming business environment in Fort Dodge might at some point lead to further expansion locally.

“We have land here and we would love to expand in Fort Dodge,” he said. “This is the only public warehouse in Fort Dodge. There are a lot of people calling daily to ask us for storage. We’re 100 percent full all the time. We are getting close to a need to grow in Fort Dodge, too.”

In that regard, Crimmins said his extensive involvement in a variety of organizations devoted to growing the economy in Webster County has made him extremely optimistic about his hometown’s potential.

“I’m involved pretty deep in the trenches,” he said. “It’s been a really positive thing, this Growth Alliance. Everybody is working together as one team. I think that has a lot to do with what’s going on. We have companies calling all the time. … (Fort Dodge) is on the move. Everywhere you look, there is building going on.”

As a longtime Fort Dodger, Crimmins is bullish on the community’s economic prospects.

“Fort Dodge is looking the brightest it’s looked for a long, long time,” he said. “I see more people getting involved and caring about the community. … I am looking forward to the next 10 years, because I think Fort Dodge has a really bright future.”

Crimmins said he has also been impressed by the civic and business leaders he has worked with in Kossuth County as his company’s investment there materialized.

“Algona was a great town to work with and is going to be a good fit for our customer needs,” he said. “They really were good to work with and it really moved along fast.”

About White Transfer & Storage Co.

White Transfer & Storage Co. characterizes itself as “an industry-leading, third-party logistics and distribution provider.” It offers a wide array of services to address clients’ supply chain management needs. In addition to its storage focus, the company has been an agent of Allied Van Lines since 1928 and was a charter member of that system.

The company traces its history to the year 1900. The Crimmins family has owned the business since 1973 when it was purchased by the late Leo Crimmins and his wife, Genevieve Crimmins. Dennis Crimmins, one of their sons, now owns the enterprise.

Two of Dennis Crimmins’ sons – Ben Crimmins and Max Crimmins – are now part of the management group. One of his brothers – Kevin Crimmins – is also part of the team at White Transfer & Storage.

Dennis Crimmins is a lifelong Fort Dodge resident. He graduated from St. Edmond High School in 1976. He married Maureen Collins. They have five children.