House remains in ditch near Pomeroy



POMEROY – A trailer house has been in the ditch outside Pomeroy for the last few days.

The house tipped on its side near the Casey’s along Iowa Highway 7 on Wednesday, said Police Chief Lorie Gerdes.

“(The driver) said he pulled over to the side, because there was an underpass, and he couldn’t remember the height,” Gerdes said. “So he sent his scout ahead, and she said it’s 14 feet, you’ll fit. As he started to pull back onto the highway the back end just slid down.”

Nobody was hurt, she said.

An effort to lift the house back onto a trailer was unsuccessful, said City Clerk Sarah Juilfs.

Pomeroy resident Kelly Bachman added, “They jacked it back up, and put another trailer underneath it, just to get it off the road. They moved it again, and it fell over again.”

Bachman is the Pomeroy fire chief, but he wasn’t there when the house fell over, and the fire department was not called to the scene.

The driver’s name was not available.

The Iowa DOT has been involved in the incident, Gerdes said.

“He’s hoping to get a crane this week and move it out of there,” said Phil Heinlen, DOT highway maintenance supervisor.