Humboldt sups hear of new housing


DAKOTA CITY – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors heard about new housing opportunities Monday.

Supervisor Rick Pedersen said the Humboldt County Housing Development Corporation has purchased a mobile home court in southern Humboldt with the intention of selling the lots for new home development. There are eight lots which should become available in mid-September, Pedersen said.

Lots can be obtained at $1 each, on which a house with a value between $130,000 and $200,000 must be constructed.

The purpose is to spur medium income housing, Pedersen said.

The corporation has the funds for the project, he said.

Humboldt City Administrator Aaron Burnett said the court was located on South Fifth Street and many of the residents there have already relocated their mobile homes.

Pedersen also said there is a new program available offering people $7,500 grants for demolishing old houses and replacing them with new houses in any community or within rural areas of the county. One person has already applied for the grant. Applications must be approved by the HCHDC.

“It’s an incentive to get things cleaned up and get some new money on the tax roles,” Pedersen said.

There is a need for housing within the county, he said.

According to Burnett. the program is unique to Humboldt County and funded by the HCHDC.

“The cost to demolish homes is a large deterrent for individuals building in many areas,” he said.

In other business the board approved the first reading of the revised airport zoning regulations setting height limitations and prohibiting interference with the landing, taking off, or maneuvering of aircraft at the airport. The regulations will be enforced by the Humboldt Airport Commission.

The board also approved payment to Denco Highway Construction of Mingo in the amount of $23,324 for the placement of rumble strips at 46 intersections in the county, and the regrinding of the existing strips at 12 intersections. The work was paid for through a grant.