Middle School open house is today

Few things are as important to the future of a community as is the education of its children. Top-notch teachers, of course, are one crucial ingredient of a superb school system. So too are the buildings that house the enterprise and the manner in which they are equipped.

In just a few weeks, students in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades will start classes in a new Middle School that has been carefully designed to provide an absolutely state-of-the-art venue for learning.

The physical arrangement of classrooms and other learning centers and their high-tech capabilities reflect the latest thinking in how an educational environment should be structured.

Energy efficiency is another highlight of this new facility. Environmental systems have been designed to be consistent with protecting the environment while at the same time saving money for taxpayers.

Additionally, in light of the somber realities of life in 21st-century America, much attention has been paid to making this temple of learning a safe place for our town’s children. Cameras throughout the building will be monitored at a station staffed by a liaison from the Fort Dodge Police Department. Many doors can be opened only by staff keycards.

During the past few weeks staff members and students have had the opportunity to get an advance look at the school they will soon occupy. Today, the members of the general public will have the opportunity to tour the structure. There will be an open house from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This Middle School is an enhancement to the Fort Dodge Community School District that should make us all proud. Take the time today to see for yourself why local educators and students are so excited about this excellent new building.