Gowrie area car chase ends on a gravel road

GOWRIE – A chase involving three law enforcement agencies Tuesday night ended with the suspect crashing his car on a gravel road.

The chase began at 8:29 p.m. Tuesday when the suspect, Damon Devries, of Gowrie, was speeding westbound on Iowa Highway 175, according to Lt. Kelly Hindman of the Iowa State Patrol. Hindman said Trooper Kevin Mills was traveling east on the same road when he clocked Devries’ 2007 Chevrolet Impala at 76 miles per hour.

“When (Mills) turned around to make a traffic stop, the car attempted to flee from him,” Hindman said.

During the pursuit, which also involved the Webster County Sheriff’s Department and Gowrie Police Department, Devries reached speeds up to 115 miles per hour. He never actually entered the town of Gowrie, according to Hindman.

“He kind of meandered throughout the rural areas around Gowrie,” he said. “He was on various blacktops and gravel roads on all four sides of town.”

Eventually, Devries began traveling south on Harcourt before losing control of his car and crashing on a gravel road.

Hindman said Devries was taken to Trinity Regional Medical Center with minor injuries.

Sheriff Jim Stubbs said Devries will be facing charges of eluding, speeding and failure to obey a stop sign. He added the suspect was driving on a suspended license.

Hindman said no one was injured and no police vehicles were damaged in the pursuit, and at no point did officers need to use the pursuit intervention technique to stop the chase.

The Harcourt Fire Department and rescue team also responded to the scene.