Humboldt County drainage project approved for funding

DAKOTA CITY – A proposed drainage project has been approved for state funding, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors learned Monday.

They accepted a petition for the establishment of a new drainage district, No. 125, located between Gilmore City and Bradgate.

“The money has been allocated for 75 percent cost share on the proposed district,” said drainage engineer Rick Hopper of Jacobson-Westergard & Associates of Estherville. “The state is tickled to death to see the project because it closes 12 ag drainage wells at a fairly economical cost to them.”

Hopper is also planning a pond at the new district’s outlet, which would prevent pollutants from entering the watershed.

“This would be an ideal conservation project,” said Supervisor Jerry Haverly.

Haverly said he has been surprised that the county has been able to close so many agriculture wells in a relatively short period of time and that they are still able to find funding for the projects.

“From what I see around the other counties we work in, you have by far the highest percentage of landowners that understand the benefits” Hopper said.

In other business, drainage clerk Trish Egli told the supervisors the city of Humboldt has received a Freedom of Information request concerning a drainage project which has been completed in DD 13A involving Humboldt and Dakota City.

The request came from landowner Mark Daggy and is quite extensive, Egli said. Her office keeps all the drainage records and is responsible for fulfilling the request.

County Attorney Jon Beaty said Daggy would be welcome to come and search through the records himself; copies would cost 25 cents.

However, it could take months for the county to compile all the information, Beaty said.

“If they want to do a quick search, they may have to do it themselves” he said.

“They have access to the information. We are not denying them anything,” said Haverly.