Humboldt Co. approves Level B road amendment


DAKOTA CITY – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved the final reading of an amendment to their Level B road ordinance Monday.

The amendment allows the county to charge landowners who request a Level B minimum maintenance road be upgraded to a Level A full maintenance road.

The county only has a few miles of Level B roads but the supervisors may have to consider adding more roads to the list in the future because of a lack of funds, according to County Engineer Paul Jacobson.

Supervisor Rick Pedersen said if anyone wants to build along a Level B road, such as a house or a livestock confinement and wants the road upgraded, they will have to pay some of the cost.

“It’s only fair, in some cases there might be a bridge and that would be a huge cost to the county to benefit one person when they could have chosen a different location,” he said.

Under the amendment, the board may consider upgrading a road on its own, or upon the recommendation of the county engineer. If people along the road petition for the upgrade, they may be charged for up to half of the cost. The upgrade may include improvements to the road bed, restoring the right of way, and repairing or replacing any culverts or bridges if needed.

Before such an upgrade, there would be a public hearing.

Pedersen said there have been no negative comments to the proposed amendment.