Coming to your neighborhood?

To the editor:

I vehemently disagree with the Board of Adjustment’s decision to uphold the zoning administrator’s decision for the garage structure located at 1826 Eighth Ave. N. Although the purpose of the building is not in question at this time, a future owner of this property may decide to use this building for its unintended purpose, which is currently to house an RV and cars/trucks. I invite you to drive down 8 1/2 Avenue North and take a look at this monstrosity. It overpowers the neighborhood, including the house it belongs to. I hope the City Council will take a good hard look at the wording of the code so that other neighborhoods are not subjected to a structure like this. Common sense was not used by the zoning administrator or three of the five members of the Board of Adjustment.

Watch out Fort Dodgers, a building like this may be coming to your neighborhood soon.

Julianne Hambleton

Fort Dodge