IA 3 work goes on

POCAHONTAS – A large milling machine is being put to work on a rough section of Iowa Highway 3 in Pocahontas County to improve the road surface.

“We’re taking high spots off so water can drain off the roadway,” said Tony Lazarowicz, a district engineer for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

He said the intent is to get the work done by the end of summer. He described the project as an interim repair until the highway can be repaved.

The work, which has started, will cover 11 miles between Pocahontas and Gilmore City.

According to Lazarowicz, that stretch of highway was widened several years ago. Now, because of a problem with the joint between the older pieces of pavement and newer ones that were added to widen the highway, the outside edge of the road surface is higher than the inside. Lazarowicz said that allows water to pool on the highway surface.

Department of Transportation maintenance crews are using the milling machine to grind off those high spots. Lazarowicz said they hope to cover one mile a day.

That machine has to be used on other projects in the state, so the work on Iowa Highway 3 will be interrupted periodically.

No detours will be needed will the work is underway.