In Humboldt, kids and animals ready for fair

HUMBOLDT – Livestock shows at the Humboldt County Fair will be in full swing today, but many 4-H and FFA members kept busy Wednesday preparing their animals.

The 4-H horse show Wednesday was the first of many shows that will take place throughout the week in Humboldt.

Sarah Seaba, 12, of Goldfield, had a successful day on her first day at the fair. Seaba and her horse, Jewel, participated in the junior showmanship, horsemanship, walk/trot and pleasure classes Wednesday morning, taking first place in each class.

Seaba has been showing horses in 4-H for three years, and said she enjoys every aspect of it.

“I don’t really have one favorite thing,” she said. “I like everything about it.”

Seaba doesn’t even mind the work that goes along with owning a horse.

“We do lots of practicing,” she said. “And you have to brush them and wash them to get them ready.”

Cole Venema, 7, gave Jewel a kiss on the nose for a job well done.

“This one’s my favorite horse,”said Venema.

Kara Rodriguez was showing her horse as a member of the Humboldt FFA Chapter. She has been showing for many years, and competed in 4-H shows while in high school. Now a freshman in college, she is still eligible to show in FFA classes.

“I’ve been around horses all my life,” she said. “I’ve been showing them for as long as I can remember.”

Rodriguez competed in the riding trail class where the horse must maneuver around various obstacles such as a mailbox, bridge and logs.

“You ride around things you might find outdoors,” she said. “I’m really happy with how we did. She’s a young horse, only 4 years old, so I’m really proud of her. And I broke her to ride by myself.”

Josie Lonning, of Bode, spent some time in the goat barn with her pen of nine goats that she plans to show at the fair. She has been showing goats for about four years and likes bonding with the animals.

“They’re like a pet, kind of like having a dog,” Lonning said. “They all develop their own attitudes and personalities.”

The Humboldt County Fair will continue today with beef and swine check-ins, goat, poultry and sheep shows, a watermelon feed and a carnival.