FDPD, sheriff’s officers graduate

Three recently hired law enforcement officers are preparing to return to the Fort Dodge and Webster County area after they graduate from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Aug. 2.

Derek Christie, of the Webster County Sheriff’s Department, and Kelly Midtling and Alex Winninger, of the Fort Dodge Police Department, are set to graduate as members of the ILEA’s 250th Basic Class in Johnston.

Upon graduation, the trio will become certified law enforcement officers.

“They’ve been through 14 weeks of training away from home,” Fort Dodge Police Chief Tim Carmody said. “The academy prepares them to come back for the second part of their training.”

While the three will be certified law enforcement officers, they won’t immediately go on patrol.

“They’ll go through field training in each of our departments before they head out on their own,” Carmody said.

Sheriff Jim Stubbs said the process it the same for his department as well.

“Their training’s not completely done, but it’s partially done,” Stubbs said. “They’ll be trained according to each department’s policies and procedures.”

This includes accompanying a certified officer or deputy on patrol and learning how to handle different types of calls coming in. Assistant Fort Dodge Police Chief Kevin Doty said the idea is to get them used to everything an officer might encounter.

“It’s important that when they get done with field training they’ve at least touched on several of the things they’ll do,” Doty said.

The addition of Christie, Midtling and Winninger mean their respective departments are now at full capacity. The Sheriff’s Department has 16, while the police have 40.