From our files: July 25, 2013

July 25, 2003

NEWS: The Grotto of the Redemption received $550 for an advertising project and $165 for an Iowa tourism Conference scholarship from the Western Iowa Tourism Region.

SPORTS: Gowrie’s Nate Schill won the Iowa PGA State Junior Championship in the 11-and-under division with a nine-hole score of 42.

July 25, 1988

NEWS: Gene Burke, of Callender, had a collection of about 1,800 caps that included a policeman’s hat and matador’s hat, both from Spain.

SPORTS: Spencer Eells won the men’s single championship in the Fort Dodge Open Tennis Tournament.

July 25, 1963

NEWS: Rep. Percie Van Alstine, R-Gilmore City, was the guest speaker at the BPW Meeting.

SPORTS: Oberg’s Dairy defeated Deer Creek 2-1 in an Industrial Softball League game.