‘Let’s all pull together’

To the editor:

I’m sure that I am not the only one from our Fort Dodge community who would like to express a sincere thank you to Kevin and Karen Alstott for their generous contribution toward the fireworks for all of us to enjoy. It was truly appreciated. We thank you again. Also, to Joe Gilbert for his leadership for this project since 2006. Also, to the city officials, staff and workers for their preparation and coordination of this event. I realize that it wasn’t easy, but it was completed. Thank you all.

I have wondered, and I’m sure others have too, how these smaller communities surrounding Fort Dodge can afford to have fireworks each year. What do they do that we might learn from to ensure we too can have a successful event? Think about it. If everyone would donate $1 per year, it would be a successful event. I realize some will, some will give more and some won’t. I also realize what I’m saying isn’t anything new, but if we challenge our creative fundraising groups such as service stations, service clubs, restaurants, grocery stores, youth groups, lounges and others, we will meet the challenge. Maybe we should start the fundraiser earlier.

Let’s all pull together and show that we all are “Up On Fort Dodge.” Let’s go for it.

Bob Breffle

Fort Dodge