Livermore Daze underway

LIVERMORE – It didn’t take much for Garrett Foth to know what his favorite part of the Livermore Daze celebration was this year.

Sitting on a hayrack in the city park following Saturday morning’s parade, he kept watch over a few pens of chickens, rabbits and a kitten. He seemed to be providing the entertainment on his Livermore Bulldogs 4-H Club float as a steady stream of curious children gathered to pet the rabbits.

“It’s pretty fun,” said 12-year-old Forth. “This is like entertainment; it’s fun to see how much all of the little kids like it.”

Besides the animals, the park became the center of activity offering children’s games, sand volleyball and lunch. One of the more popular games was the ring toss, offering a chance to win a bottle of pop if the tosser’s aim was enough to ring the top of a bottle.

Tristyn Fuller, 10, gave the ring toss a little thought before each throw, which proved to be successful. Her strategy?

“You just have to go slow and concentrate,” said Fuller.

Fuller had also been enjoying the day.

“It’s been fun just playing games with my friends,” she said.

Jordan Burnett,7, enjoyed the games, but particularly liked the parade.

“Catching candy was the best part,” she said.

For a few, the festivities were taken out of town on a tractor ride.

Steve Erwin, of Renwick, brought his fully restored 1949 Oliver Rowcrop along for the ride.

“It’s been on a few rides,” said Erwin. “Just got back from a three-day ride.”

Matt Mitchell, of Duncombe, was ready to take his restored 1952 Minneapolis Moline on the ride.

“It’s actually my first bigger tractor ride,” he said.

Randy Berte brought his 3-year-old grandson, Weston Eihlers, along for a ride on his Farmall 300, but only for the parade this year.

“We’re just doing the parade today,” said Berte. “The ride would be a little far.”

Berte said he’d take the young tractor lover on a ride, but first the Farmall may need to be set up with a new piece of equipment.

“He loves tractors, but I think this thing would need a DVD player for him to come along,” said Berte.

Other activities Saturday included a horseshoe tournament, free swimming at the Livermore Pool and a street dance featuring Vic Ferrari.

The festival will continue today with an ecumenical church service and potluck at Lott’s Creek Park at 10:30 a.m.