Dem touts his service record

Democrat Jim Mowrer is touting his experience in the Pentagon as he seeks to unseat U.S. Rep. Steve King.

And he’s not shying away from criticizing the Republican lawmaker from Kiron more than a year in advance of the general election that will determine who represents the 4th Congressional District.

”I have a record of results, of getting things done, of working with Democrats and Republicans on behalf of the American people,” Mowrer said Thursday during a visit to Fort Dodge.

He claimed that he saved the country ”several million dollars through good public policy” while serving as the special assistant to the undersecretary of the Army for more than three years.

King, he said, has little to show for spending more than a decade in the House of Representatives.

”In Congress, he’s never passed major legislation, he doesn’t chair any committees and he’s never been willing to sit down with Democrats and Republicans to find commonsense solutions,” Mowrer said.

In the Pentagon, Mowrer helped to establish the Army Office on Business Transformation and served as the Army’s liaison to the Council of Governors. He resigned that position last month to move back to Boone, where he grew up, and campaign for the House.

He has no opponents for the Democratic nomination.

Mowrer said passing a farm bill that includes both agriculture and nutrition programs would be a top priority for him in Congress.

”Cutting it up is clearly not the answer,” he said. ”We need a comprehensive farm bill that gives farmers and Americans certainty.”

He also pledged to tackle the backlog of veterans’ disability claims.

”When we needed them the most, they stood up and said they would go,” said Mowrer, who spent 16 months in Iraq as an Iowa Army National Guard soldier. ”That means we need to be willing to do whatever it takes to care for them because they have borne the scars on behalf of the American people.”

”If it requires increased spending, that’s what it takes,” he added.

Developing biofuels and wind energy are additional priorities for Mowrer. He also advocates investing in infrastructure.

The candidate said he supports the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate. He said it restores the rule of law, requires illegal immigrants to register and pay a fine, and it increases border security.

Mowrer said he supports the controversial electronic surveillance effort of the National Security Administration.

”I believe that it is a sound program,” he said.

”I think the process and the program worked,” he said. ”I think it was an effective program and it’s now less effective and we are less safe because it’s public. I don’t think there were privacy violations.”

The 4th Congressional District includes Webster County and all of its surrounding counties.