Weighs in on ‘comments’ policy

To the editor:

In response to George Anderson’s letter to the editor on the papers new “no comment” policy, I have some issues. I think the majority of those who read hard copy of the paper probably don’t have a computer or even know there is an online version. People read hard copy because they are not computer users, or have birds. That means of course there would be a small number of online readers and posters for a small paper. I am one and I use my real name on every post.

We are past print news, it is a new era. People want to read the news and comment on it. I am computer savvy enough to make my own forum site, maybe called “The Messenger Review” to give Messenger readers the right to talk about posts and air their complaints. I have to check that out, Go Daddy domains are cheap and I have run a forum site in the past.

Harris Bockoven