Has questions for City Council

To the editor:

I must comment on the proposed new animal regulations. I agree wholeheartedly that fees need to be raised and have no complaint on the prices suggested. I applaud the fact that licenses will be offered at vets’ offices.

However, who will deem an animal vicious and on what criteria? I can see limiting the number of pets per household, however, why is it OK to have six cats, but only be allowed four dogs? I also wonder why on earth ferrets are included in the total. As for cleaning up after your pet, this should be a part of every pet owner’s life. My biggest issue with the new regs is the 6-foot leash requirement. A 6-foot leash in my houshold is used strictly for training purposes. I use a prong collar and a Flexie; this gives me more than sufficient control over my dog. It was mentioned in the article that the current laws are “pretty much unenforceable.” Why will the new ones be any more so? Is the city planning to hire more animal control personnel to go door to door looking for offenders? I urge pet owners to talk to their City Council members about this issue.

Liz Hawkins

Fort Dodge