Community Christian School busy with move

For Community Christian School, not only is it the summer season, it’s moving season.

Members of the school’s board, staff, friends of the school, even its students are volunteering to help move the community school from First Evangelical Free Church to its new location at 2406 9 1/2 Ave. S.

“We have lots of people helping that are not even directly connected to the school. But they heard about what we’re doing,” Margaret Shields, CCS dean of students, said. “There was quite a crew here yesterday of students that were helping move things, clean rooms, those kinds of things.”

According to Shields, the school is already receiving visitors.

“The day before we had a special guest. It was a little ground squirrel,” she said. “The kids had fun chasing the squirrel, trying to catch it to get it outside the building.”

Volunteers are working at the new CCS to have it ready for the start of its school year on Aug. 21. Drywall installation and painting is taking place in the classrooms, the school kitchen is being scoured and supplies are being brought over.

“Right now we’re putting up this drywall to get ready to paint, and then the chalk boards and bulletin boards will go back up,” Shields said. “We’re doing remodeling with some of the hallways.”

Shields said seeing the progress taking place is a good thing.

“Everybody that comes over says, ‘Oh, this is so exciting to see such a nice, big building.’ It’s coming together,” she said. “This building is perfect for our needs.”

Efforts aren’t limited to the school’s interior. Outside, old bushes and fencing are being removed for the preschool’s playground, Shields said.

“It’s a variety of people in a variety of occupations, you could say, or retired or semi-retired that have been pitching in. Cleaning, building, organizing,” she said. “It’s been a busy summer. Lots of things happening, still a lot to do. But we’re working toward the goal of being ready for the first day of school.”

Shields said the effort is a big responsibility for CCS.

“It’s been exciting to think about. I’ve got lots of support from the school board. But it is a big undertaking,” she said. “It’s bigger than anything our school has ever done before. But it’s in God’s hands, and God has led and God has given us this building, and so we are just going to rely on Him to continue with all these things.”

For Shields, being a part of such a project is still a surprise to her.

“I did not plan to be a part of something this huge. But God is in control,” she said. “And so we are all working together to help this to happen. With all the support we have had, it’s going to be a great asset for us to have this building and be able to use it for God’s glory.”