Lehigh leaders move to fix Pleasant Street

LEHIGH – Officials in Lehigh are moving to fix badly damaged Pleasant Street about two months after a gaping crack opened in it.

The City Council voted Monday night to ”fix it as best as we can as fast as we can,” said Mayor Paula Martin.

”We’re thinking we can do the job in-house with outside help for equipment and supplies we don’t have,” she said Tuesday afternoon.

”I would fully expect them to start in the next few days,” she added.

The crack, which developed in early May, appears to be about 50 feet long. It makes the street impassable. Also, a hillside on the east side of the street is eroding and an abandoned trailer home at the top of the hill has apparently shifted.

Local leaders were hesitant to take action until they determined how much of the street is in the city limits. Martin said a land survey and an ordinance establishing the street prove that it is in the city limits for its entire length.

Pleasant Street is along the Des Moines River on the east side of the city.