Animal law brought to heel as officials review new versions

Adoption of a new set of animal control laws in Fort Dodge has been slowed so that officials can make sure that the latest draft of the proposal is the one that the City Council will vote on.

The City Council was poised to hold its first vote on the measure Monday until Jim Koll, a member of the committee that drafted it, pointed out some discrepancies.

One of the most significant discrepancies he noted was the penalty for interfering with the actions of the animal control officer. He said the version before the council Monday listed that as a municipal infraction when it should have listed it as a simple misdemeanor.

The council tabled any action on the measure until Koll, City Attorney Mark Crimmins and Assistant Police Chief Kevin Doty can review the document to make sure the most recent version is ready to be acted on.

The proposal requires dog to be on leashes that are no more than 6 feet long when they’re not on the property of their owners. It requires dog owners to make a reasonable effort to clean up their pets’ waste.

It also provides a series of new definitions and explanations that officials believe will make the law easier to enforce.