Wants tougher policies

To the editor:

An unnecessary kidnapping and murder by Michael Klunder could have and should have been avoided May 20, 2013, if not for an Iowa law. I don’t understand how a kidnapping sex offender was released early and without supervision. That’s like putting a plate full of cookies in front of a 3-year-old saying don’t eat these cookies and then you leave the room.

I read in The Messenger June 21 that “Corrections official Lettie Prell believes the ‘cleanest proposal’ would be to extend the existing law that puts some sex offenders on lifetime parole to include kidnapping cases that have a sexual element.” I would go along with this under the following conditions:

1. Voluntary sterilization.

2. Weekly rehab meetings.

3. Wearing an ankle bracelet the rest of their life.

4. Personally reporting weekly (no phone ins) to their parole officer.

5. Monthly (surprise) inspections of their residence. 6. Must be working and not a ward of the state.

One violation and it is back to prison. Not enough parole officers – then keep them in prison. As far as taking too many of the offender’s freedoms away, then answer me this: What freedoms did their victims have as they were being kidnapped and/or sexually abused, and/or murdered? None.

Let your elected official know that shaving 1.2 days of someone’s sentence for every day served should not happen. This law should be change. Kidnapping should be a lifetime imprisonment. Please keep hanging your purple bows and wearing your purple ribbons and bracelets until this law is changed.

Rhonda Harris

Fort Dodge