Man hurt at recycler

A man’s hand was injured Friday morning after it was caught in a piece of machinery at the Fort Dodge Regional Recycling Center.

The incident was reported to rescuers at 9:17 a.m. Friday.

Lt. Steve Teske, of the Fort Dodge Fire Department, said the initial call was about a man who had his hand “entangled in some equipment.”

“He had an injury to his hand and was transported to Trinity Regional Medical Center,” Teske said. “His hand was free when we arrived on the scene.”

Teske wasn’t sure if the man had gotten his hand out of the machine himself or if someone else helped him remove it from the machine. The piece of equipment the man’s hand got caught in was a baling machine, which ties up recyclable materials into bundles.

Citing privacy laws, Teske declined to identify the man who was injured. He also couldn’t comment on the extent of the man’s injuries.

He did say that multiple law enforcement and public safety agencies were on scene.

“There was one police department car, an ambulance and we were there as well,” he said.

Teske added that his department isn’t investigating the case.