From our files: July 5, 2013

July 5, 2003

NEWS: Hundreds of people attended Chautauqua Days in Sac City.

SPORTS: Harrison Nayer, of Fort Dodge, claimed second place in the U.S. Golf tournament in the 6-and-under division with a 50 on the 1,100-yard, par-36 course.

July 5, 1988

NEWS: Virgil Davis, of Humboldt, was awarded first place in the individual category for his “rooster wagon” during the Humboldt Fourth of July parade.

SPORTS: Scott Swansen, of Fort Dodge, won the Gowrie Amateur golf tournament with a score of 101 over 18 holes.

July 5, 1963

NEWS: The Rev. Arthur G. Peterson officiated at the marriage ceremony of his granddaughter, Kay Caldwell, to Roy Nash.

SPORTS: Ray Hart, of Mason City, won the feature race at the Fourth of July semi-modified stock car races at the Wright County Raceway.