Humboldt celebrates 150 years

When Stephen H. Taft founded the town initially called Springvale, but subsequently renamed Humboldt, America was in the midst of a terrible Civil War. Even during those dark days in 1863, however, Taft and the initial settlers had a bright vision for the town they were establishing. They were intent on creating a community that was not only thoroughly modern, but also reflected the very best spiritual and intellectual qualities of their countrymen.

From its earliest days, Humboldt was conceived as a showplace of all that is best in American life. For generations, the folks who have called Humboldt home have been committed to keeping their town an ideal place to raise a family and a hospitable venue in which to do business. They have taken pride in their city – and it shows.

Humboldt’s topnotch schools; broad, well-maintained streets, charming parks and recreation facilities; and prosperous business community are outstanding examples of small-town Iowa at its very best.

Thursday through Sunday, Humboldt will celebrate its sesquicentennial. It is fitting that these festivities begin on the nation’s birthday. Generations of patriots have dedicated themselves to building an America with a quality of life very much like what Humboldt offers so spectacularly.

The Messenger salutes Humboldt as it marks this important milestone.