Humboldt council discusses ordinance

HUMBOLDT – Members of the Humboldt City Council expressed mixed feelings Monday about a social hosting ordinance.

In June, Dawn Doerr, prevention specialist with Community and Family Resources of Webster City, asked the City Council and the county Board of Supervisors to consider social hosting ordinances.

Such laws would hold people, businesses and associations responsible who know and allow underage drinking events on properties they own.

According to 2012 Iowa Youth Survey data conducted by the Iowa Department of Public Health, in Humboldt County 28 percent of 11th-graders reported binge drinking within the last 30 days.

Councilman Joel Goodell said he had reservations about making someone responsible for something they might not have known about.

“My concern is that this is kind of a poll a lot of the kids probably take as a joke. That is the reaction I’ve gotten from some kids,” said Councilman Joe Hadar.

If it is a big problem, he hasn’t head about it from the sheriff, Hadar said.

Councilman John Sleiter said he would hate to see someone who is away become responsible if their 18-year-old child throws a party where underage drinking occurs.

The county is also considering the ordinance.

The council decided to wait to see what the county decides.

In other business, the council held a public hearing on the commissioners’ report on assessments on Drainage District 13A.

Drainage Engineer Rick Hopper, of Jacobson-Westergard & Associates of Estherville, said he and the commissioners discovered several parcels did not receive notice of the original improvement project – and, therefore, cannot be assessed for the work. They will be removed from the current assessments but will be assessed in future work.

The council also voted to place a stop sign at the aquatic center parking lot as requested by a resident.