Keeping it together

It takes a dedicated staff to keep an office functioning properly.

Denise Osterberg is one of many in the Webster County attorney’s office who keeps operations going smoothly in her role as office manager.

“I oversee the secretaries and pay the bills,” she said. “I do payroll and make reservations for the county attorneys when they attend conferences.”

But her role as office manager, which she’s held since last August, is just the latest position Osterberg has held in her nearly 24 year career with the office.

“I have done just about everything in the office,” she said. “The only work I haven’t done is with juvenile court.”

Osterberg accepted the position of office manager after Pam Passow, who previously held the position, retired last year.

When Osterberg started out at the Webster County attorney’s office, she was originally hired as the magistrate clerk. In that role, she was in charge of preparing information for the attorneys before Webster County Magistrate Court every morning. This included making sure the attorneys had their dockets and all the criminal complaints were ready.

In her position before becoming office manager, Osterberg was in charge of collections. In that capacity, she worked with people who owed money and helped them work towards paying off their debt.

Almost a year into her position as office manager, Osterberg said she’s enjoying the experience.

“I like all of it,” she said. “I went from doing collections to something completely new. I had to learn a new way of filing and all the new systems.”

In fact, Osterberg said that was the most challenging part of getting adjusted to her new position.

“I had to learn how to do criminal cases again, because it had been awhile since I’d worked with them,” she said. “I also had to learn ProLaw and EDMS (Electronic Document Management System), which are the systems we use in the office. That was challenging for me.”

Despite the challenges of having to adjust to a new position, Osterberg said she enjoys her work not only as office manager but with all the positions she’s held in the office.

“I like the variety,” Osterberg said. “I’m happy where I’m at, and I’ve been happy with everything I’ve done here.”

Osterberg added she’s also happy during her free time, which she spends with family.

“My husband and I will have been married 40 years this September,” she said. “And I enjoy my grandkids and the rest of my family.”

She said she also has plenty of hobbies that keep her busy.

“I enjoy baking, I like to read, and I enjoy traveling and vacations,” Osterberg said. “I’ve been to Florida and Texas just this year.”

But even when she’s away from the Webster County attorney’s office, Osterberg said she remains close to her coworkers.

“We have a wonderful staff,” she said. “We are really like a family here.”