Has praise for teachers

To the editor:

I would like to thank my sixth-grade teachers for all they have done to me. First, I would like to thank my band teacher, Ms. Tara Smith, for helping me get caught up on my alto saxophone with the other alto saxophone players. Now my other teachers. My language arts teacher Miss Dawn Richardson, for teaching how to compare and contrast with T-charts and showing us how to write letters properly. Mrs. Shelly Keith, for being the best home base/dodgertime teacher ever. Mrs. Julie Ulrich, for helping us with the problems that we couldn’t figure out, and also letting us play “shotzee” and “what’s my name.” Mrs. Marilee Kleespies, for letting us sing some amazing songs in the concerts. And Mrs. Nicole Ahrens, for teaching us the most amazing things in social studies, like Rome, Egypt, Greece, King Tutankhamun, etc, and letting us do the most amazing, yet, outstanding experiments in science.

Thanks so much.

MacKenzie Sharp

Fort Dodge