Davis-Bacon Act should be repealed

Most people believe how they spend their own money is none of the government’s business.

Already, that is not allowed for some goods and services. For example, the new national health care law, “Obamacare,” will require millions of Americans to pay more to buy health insurance meeting federal requirements.

Now, President Barack Obama’s administration is pursuing another outrageous infringement upon personal liberties.

For decades, the Davis-Bacon Act has required that construction projects in which any federal money is involved must pay “prevailing wage.” Because that figure is set using labor union reports, it is substantially higher than the real wage prevailing in most areas. That costs taxpayers dearly.

Reportedly, the Labor Department is telling a Washington, D.C., developer he must pay prevailing wage on a $700 million project – even though not a dime in government funding is involved.

Labor Department officials claim the project falls under Davis-Bacon because it will supply jobs and pay taxes to the city.

So would virtually any other construction project – including a home you might want to build for yourself.

This is going too far. Way too far. Congress should simply kill the Davis-Bacon Act.