Sups promote Benson to first assistant

The Webster County Board of Supervisors approved the promotion of an assistant Webster County attorney Tuesday.

The board appointed Jennifer Benson first assistant county attorney at a salary of $78,311.84.

“Jennifer is an excellent candidate,” said Webster County Attorney Cori Kuhn Coleman. “She has previous experience as Humboldt County attorney and I believe she will be able to carry out the duties of county attorney in my absence.”

Coleman was appointed Webster County Attorney last week. She will fill out the term of Ricki Osborn, which expires in 2014,

In other business, the board approved a transfer from the general basic fund to general supplemental fund for Child Support Recovery Unit reimbursement of employee benefits and $111,277.00 for reimbursement of court services.

The board also approved the county employee fiscal year 2014 salaries and department appropriations.

A contract with J.P. Byson Oil Co. was approved for supplying diesel motor fuel to above ground storage tanks at secondary road department sheds at 10 cents per gallon with approximate delivery costs of $2,500.

Robert Pingel, a resident of the Coleman neighborhood near the Regional Landfill addressed the board on his concerns of odors left by leachate drainage from the landfill.

Pingel said the leachate, which runs off from items placed in the landfill, has been pumped out of the landfill and into the local sewers, creating a strong odor both in the air and in some homes.

Although the pumping is done to meet Department of Natural Resources standards, Pingel said there could be other ways to dispose of the leachate without the odor, such as hauling it out in trucks.

The board said that they do have members on the North Central Iowa Regional Solid Waste Board, but that the landfill itself is not a county entity.

Supervisors Keith Dencklau and Mark Campbell recently visited the neighborhood and said there was a noticeable odor.

“I think a lot of progress has been made in that area, but obviously not enough,” Campbell said.

“It would be in the best interest to make some modifications as soon as possible,” said Supervisor Clark Fletcher. “But the county can not do much because it is not a county entity.”