Pet rules to get another look

Dog and cat owners in Fort Dodge would be able to get the required pet licenses from their veterinarians without having to make a trip to the Municipal Building under a proposal before the City Council.

That proposal would also require people who are walking their dogs to carry a bag and make a reasonable effort to clean up their pet’s waste.

The council spent about half an hour Monday evening reviewing the sweeping overhaul of the city’s animal control laws. That was the second briefing the elected officials received on the plan.

Turning the proposal into law will require three affirmative votes of the council. The first of those votes may occur on July 8.

One of the new provisions would allow pet owners to get the licenses via the veterinarians.

”We think that’s going to be really customer-friendly,” Assistant Police Chief Kevin Doty said.

Getting a pet license is required, but doing so is also beneficial to pet owners, according to Doty.

”The advantage to getting a license is this: If you lose an animal we can get it back to you a whole lot faster than with an unlicensed animal,” he said.

Pet licenses have cost $2 since the 1970s.

The proposal would raise that to $20 for an animal that has not been neutered and $10 for one that has been neutered.

The proposal also includes a $20 late fee for pet owners that don’t get the licenses renewed on time.

An animal waste provision is included in the measure.

The key part of that provision for dog walkers states ”The person in control of an animal outside their own residence shall have a device or container available to reasonably remove and dispose of said excrement or droppings.”