Staff changes continue in Fort Dodge school district

Staff changes continue across Fort Dodge schools.

More than 75 staff changes have been and are being made in the Fort Dodge Community School District, according to Robert Hughes, FDCSD assistant superintendent. Of these, 29 are staff members new to the school district.

“A number of those changes are people who have requested voluntary transfers or moved from the two middle schools coming together,” Hughes said. “It’s been a big year.”

There have been only five reductions in force, Hughes informed the FDCSD board Monday, due to “decline of the dollars in budget.”

The district has reduced one part-time, districtwide secondary instructional coach; one middle school computers instructor position and one part-time math instructor position at Senior High.

Two schedule-B debate positions have also been reduced, Hughes said.

“There’s a number of different ways in which the kids can get those opportunities, through both the universities and the local community college,” he said.

There are 25 staff changes being made at Fort Dodge Senior High alone, according to Hughes.

“Out of those, I believe 14 are in their first or second year,” he said. “That will take some extra time for evaluation.”

Lynnae Harvey and Allison Emery were approved as FDSH assistant principals, replacing Ed Birnbaum, who becomes Fort Dodge Middle School principal. Matt Elsbecker becomes FDSH activities director, replacing Tom Kinseth.

Some positions have yet to be filled, including the new principal of Butler Elementary and a middle school engineer.

Because staff members are transferring as positions become available, interviews are still being conducted this week.

“The reason this becomes so late,” Hughes said, “We post the position and people request to be transferred into them. We’re creating a domino (effect). And then you have to post their position and wait those seven business days for staff to have the opportunity.”

The board unanimously approved, in five separate roll call votes, the reduction of the five positions.