More thought is needed

To the editor:

This is in response to the article concerning having a patriotically painted rock located near the Karl King Bridge. While we totally and enthusiastically support the idea of the rock, we believe most people would agree that the proposed location is not ideal. There is little opportunity at that location for drivers to stop and view the rock from a close vantage point, leave mementos, or simply look to see what the rock is all about. We have heard this matter discussed at various gatherings of citizens including veterans’ groups, and the overwhelming majority agree that the rock would be better located at or near Kennedy Park, perhaps in the existing Veterans Memorial Park, or another location where it will be possible for people from Fort Dodge, Webster County, and drivers from all over to actually stop and see the rock.

It is an excellent idea that is well worth pursuing but much more thought needs to be given to the location rather than going ahead and placing the rock, and then realizing the location was a less than wise choice. We would ask that the leaders of Fort Dodge and Webster County give this further consideration before proceeding.

Thank you.

Webster County

Veterans Council

Ron Arends



Tom Dorsey


American Legion

Ray Ault



Dave McGaughy


American Legion Riders

Bill Waychoff


Mid Iowa Marine Corps League

Fort Dodge