Girls get hands-on experience at Diva Tech

More than 60 girls had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a variety of technical programs offered at Iowa Central Community College this week.

A group of 41 middle school students and 22 high schoolers explored career areas such as electrical, welding, automotive technology, culinary arts and carpentry during the ninth annual Diva Tech Camp held on campus.

During the middle school session, participants had the chance to test their carpentry and woodworking skills by building and painting their own nightstand tables. The project proved to be a hit Thursday, though many girls were covered in paint.

“I loved doing the carpentry,” said Ali Martinez. “We made our own cabinet, so that was fun that we had something to take home.”

Noelia Meza enjoyed creating her bedside stand.

“The painting was a lot of fun,” said Meza. “‘Everything has been fun, I’ll come again.”

Lizbeth Antonio said the welding project the group worked on Thursday afternoon was fun, but like everyone else, found the carpentry project to be the highlight of the week.

“I loved the painting; we’re all covered in it from splattering it around,” said Antonio. “I think we have more paint all over ourselves.”

In the welding session, students made a metal base to prepare for today’s project, which is making pop can lamps in the electrical shop.

Welding instructor Matt McCormick helped Evelyn Teelan form her lamp base.

“That was kind of scary,” said Teelan. “All of those flying sparks.”

After the welding session, divas made their way to the culinary arts kitchen where Chef Michael Hirst showed them how to make their own cannolis, an Italian dessert that was new to most of them.

As they prepared the sweet mascarpone cheese filling, Kelsie Stevens said it looked interesting.

“I have no idea what it is we are making,” she said. “I’m kind of scared to see what the outcome will be.”

Stevens said that overall the entire camp had been a good experience.

“It’s been an interesting day going from painting to welding and now to cooking,” she said.