Diva Tech helps girls

Iowa Central Community College benefits our region in numerous ways. Leaders at the college frequently introduce projects or programs that are highly innovative.

Diva Tech Camp, now in its ninth year, is a good example of the type of initiative that sets Iowa Central apart from less imaginative educational institutions.

Diva Tech is a free camp designed to expose girls to career fields in Iowa Central’s industrial technology, science and technical education programs through hands-on projects in the shops and labs.

Two sessions of Diva Tech Camp were held this month. The first, which took place Monday through Wednesday, was designed for high school students. The second, targeted at middle school girls, began Wednesday and winds up today.

The girls and young women who participated in these camps had the opportunity to explore and discuss fields that some of them may not have been exposed to in much detail prior to being part of these programs.

Giving young minds the chance to learn about possibilities and consider options that may be new to them is at the heart of what education should be about.

The Messenger congratulates the leaders and staff at Iowa Central for making these excellent camps available to the young folks in our region.