Upset about cemetery

To the editor:

On May 24, I went to the Catholic Cemetery in Fort Dodge to put flowers on the graves of my deceased family members and was appalled at the unsightly, unkept grounds. They had not been mowed until the week of May 20 and according to the gentleman in charge, he didn’t have authority to hire extra help. The grass mowed was so deep, the markers on the ground would have to be broomed out to find the graves you were looking for, and the headstones were also covered with grass.

In visiting with another Duncombe resident, she told me she pulled weeds on her parents’ graves until her hands were bleeding. She saw the worker mowing hit a tombstone pushing in on its foundation, also the vase on her brother’s grave was broken off.

As we wandered through the grounds, we picked up other vases and lights that were damaged. Is there no pride in our work? I’m sure there are a lot of other stories out there.

Any explanations?

Is this what we should expect?

Don’t we pay for perpetual care?

Joyce Didio

Mary Klein