Major facility improvements are underway at St. Edmond

St. Edmond Catholic School will see major improvements on its facilities this summer.

According to Monsignor Kevin McCoy, interim St. Edmond president, work will take place throughout the building.

Being immediately replaced is the school’s heating system.

“While we replaced boilers a couple of years ago we’re now actually replacing all the piping, the plumbing and then replacing all the air handling units in the respective classrooms to provide more even and dependable heat for the kids,” McCoy said. “It’s being done in such a way we’ll be able to eventually make use of that same system should we decide to air-condition the building.”

Work on the heating system will take place into the school year, McCoy said.

“We hope to have basically the high school and middle school area of the building all updated by the time we actually need to have heat this fall,” he said.

The school is also upgrading its telephone system this summer.

“Right now there’s a bridge between the grade school area and the high school area, and this will remove all that so it will be seamless,” McCoy said.

The benefits of an improved phone system are many, McCoy said, including convenience.

“Particularly in the elementary area, if a child needs to call a parent or someone they’ll be able to do it right from the room,” he said. “They won’t have to go to the main office to make that call. That will be a nice upgrade.”

Renovations will also be done in the school’s auditorium. After improving its seating in recent years, the focus this July will be on its sound system.

Security will also be improved in all St. Edmond school facilities.

“It’s just a constant concern,” McCoy said. “We want to assure the fact that our building is as secure as it can be for our students and so we’re making some upgrades to the security system, having some programmable locks that will electronically record who comes and goes throughout the course of the day. We’re making all those preparations so we can be sure that the building is as safe as it can be.”

The upgrade comes in response to recent national events, McCoy said.

“You hate to say it, but it’s in light of some of those tragedies we’ve seen across our nation, schools like Sandy Hook,” he said. “We certainly don’t want to have that situation here, if we can prevent that in any way, shape or form.”

He added, “That will probably be something we continue to evaluate.”

In addition to these improvements, the school will also undergo its yearly summer maintenance and cleaning.

“We’re doing all those things along with the regular maintenance work from refinishing gym floors to cleaning all the rooms,” McCoy said. “It’s a busy place around here this summer.”