Wants legislative action

To the editor:

We now have another child we have lost to a pervert that was let out early from prison. What is it going to take for you (lawmakers) to do your job and pass a stricter law on these pedophiles and child rapists and kidnappers?

He was in jail (sentenced to) 41 years and served less than 20. Really? You want to let these dangerous animals out so they are able to seek out our most precious and abduct and kill them? What is it gong to take before you do your jobs? Do we have to wait until it touches one of your families Are our families not as important? Well, they are to us and Kathlynn was pretty important to her family, but now because you did not put laws in effect to keep her and all children safe she is lost to us.

So, what say you? Will you now evoke laws that keep these people in prison no matter what their behavior is good or bad? We need legislators who will work for us on this. We need Kathlynn’s Law to prosecute and imprison child abductors and rapists and molesters. Please – before this happens again.

Jane Parks

Fort Dodge