Respect graves

To the editor:

Another “Memorial Day” has come and gone. Along with it, another year of tears and frustration. It is horrible enough to bury my only sister and my father, within five years of each other, but for the last six years I have had to deal with the pain of seeing tire tracks on their graves.

Is it ignorance, or do you just not care that someone’s loved one lays under your car? Perhaps it’s not important, because it’s not your family who is buried there. Why can’t cars stay on the road? So what … if you have to wait for someone else. Isn’t it better than desecrating a grave with your car?

I have had flowers stolen several times over the last few years, and this year someone thought it would be funny to move them to another person’s grave; but nothing hurts more than seeing these graves with tire tracks on them.

When you purchase burial plots after an unexpected death, like we did after my sister died, you don’t think any further than moment to moment. One of our choices was the plots next the road. You don’t stop and think about the possibility of cars parking over them. We were pleased with the thought that we could visit her grave at any time of the year. My parents and I purchased plots at the same time, as to keep the family together. Had we known then, what we know now, we would have chose another location.

So, please … the next time you visit the cemetery, take notice of where you drive and park your vehicle. Don’t increase someone else’s grief by desecrating the grave of their loved one.

Thank you.

Jeanette Thanupakorn

Fort Dodge