Appreciates the support

To the editor:

The week of June 3 was a monumental week for Friendship Haven. All of the residents from Tompkins Health Center moved to the new health center. While I could write pages on what the new health center means to residents and our team, I wanted to take a minute to thank the community.

We asked people to volunteer to help with the moves since some residents didn’t have family here to assist them, and Fort Dodge came through in a big way. Not only to help with the individual packing, but these volunteers helped with organizing, cleaning, comforting, laughing and so much more. What a joy to have the community so engaged in this transition.

The thought of the move was overwhelming to many of us. The week started off great and got better every day, thanks in large part from the support and encouragement we all received from the 100 plus volunteers.

Sometimes Fort Dodge gets a bad rap, but I will stand next to anyone and shout that we have a community where people care about one another, and this week at Friendship Haven there was proof.

One volunteer in particular after being here for three days shared with us his view on the Friendship Haven experience. It reminded all of us this place and this community is magical!

There were too many volunteers to list, but to each of you who were here, consider this a giant thank you! There are always plenty of volunteer opportunities here at Friendship Haven to enjoy each other and our residents. Consider this an invitation to everyone to come experience Friendship Haven as a volunteer. There are great opportunities and I’m confident once you become involved in life at Friendship Haven you will also understand why this campus is something special.

Thanks again for making our moving week a memorable one.

Julie Thorson


Friendship Haven

Fort Dodge