Pleasant Street awaits repairs

LEHIGH Pleasant Street in Lehigh remains impassable about a month after a long, deep crack first opened in it.

Mayor Paula Martin said Tuesday that officials are waiting to determine exactly where the city’s ownership of the road begins and ends before taking any action.

She said the staff of MER Engineering Inc. in Fort Dodge has advised the City Council that repairing the road will cost at least $300,000.

The crack, which appears to be about 50 feet long, developed in early May. A hillside on the east side of the street is eroding and an abandoned trailer home on at the top of the hill appears to have shifted.

Pleasant Street runs along the Des Moines River on the east side of the city.

When the problem first developed, there was initially some confusion about whether Lehigh or Webster County owned the street. Officials concluded that it is a city street, and Martin said the ordinance establishing it has been found.

City Attorney Mike Tungesvik is now researching plats to find out how much of the street is in the city limits.

”At this point, it hinges on where Pleasant Street begins and ends,” Martin said.

She said that after it is determined how much of the street the city government is responsible for, officials will act to get the needed repairs done.

”We will move immediately,” Martin said.

The city government doesn’t have $300,000 available for the repairs, and the mayor said the money will probably have to be borrowed.