Congratulates Alexis Peterson

To the editor:

We would like to congratulate the recipient of the Dr. Ed Miller Scholarship, Alexis Peterson (Fort Dodge Senior High). This scholarship was created by It Gets Better FD & Beyond organization to honor the legacy of Dr. Ed Miller. Before Ed left this world, Ed shared stories with my family from his 30 years of serving in the Air Force and his journey as a colonel, physician, and most importantly, a family man. During his final days, he was still concerned about taking care of his family and making a difference in the lives of others. He lost his battle with cancer on Nov. 24, 2011.

In a world that has become a narcissistic society, it takes dedication and integrity to make a difference. A change only the new generation of youth can make. The Dr. Ed Miller Scholarship is awarded to Alexis Peterson for her leadership within our community, her membership in the Circle of Friends special needs mentorship program, and her church mission trips. She has proven to be the silent warrior Ed would applaud. She lives her life to put other individuals’ needs before her own without expecting credit or attention for her deeds. We wish to thank her and welcome her as our newest Team Leader for It Gets Better FD & Beyond.

What is It Gets Better FD & Beyond? Well, we are a team of caring, compassionate friends who have teamed up to make a change. As the suicide rates have increased for youth, teen depression, and bullying status maintain a steady high, we felt something had to be addressed in our community. We wanted to create an available outlet for our kids to go to when the options for them were minimal. In October 2011, It Gets Better FD & Beyond was created.

Through awareness activities and events we are motivated to show people to give of themselves for others. The members of It Gets Better FD & Beyond are all volunteers within this nonprofit, independent advocacy organization created and based in Fort Dodge. We are paid with passion for the cause, not a paycheck. We are rewarded by the success of the youth of our community.

In the spirit of the words of Col. Edward Miller, ” A true measure of success in the Military is the success of those you have mentored.”

Jennifer Johnson

Breck Johnson

Fort Dodge