Wants IRS overhauled

To the editor:

From one’s first 1040 the IRS is feared, so we hire pricey preparers to avoid unintended errors. Beyond the simplest return, how is it possible to wade through the multitude of complicated instructions without mistakes? Every year we hope for “impartial” enforcement – yet we’ve long known how another’s “routine” audit subtly becomes a nightmare “example” meant to keep everyone in line.

Then to discover that one of its higher-up authorities, Lois Lerner, conceivably chose targets from another body’s dirty tricks agenda to wilt the spirit of the conservative-minded.

And with malice to boot: by selectively requiring answers of a most private nature from applicants for their organization’s (501) exemption. Isn’t this banana republic stuff where everybody is not equal before the laws (and “Lois”)?

Owners of small businesses that sponsor small and well-intended, nonprofit service groups can be chilled by this IRS bulldozing – meaning not only a costly defense for of tax investigations, but imagined shakedown by other U.S. agencies, the Department of Justice included.

Former contributors to conservative, pro-life or religious causes will rightfully suspect that future donations will have their names flagged on an undisclosed, internal “watch” list – unless both parties of the House of Representatives and Senate fulfill their constitutional obligations and exact the last bit of evidence on what happened where.

The IRS scandal ought shake every American taxpayer to demand undiluted answers. None other than the most extensive probes of this decision-making abuse from the top down must make those responsible be held fully accountable – through possible jail time.

The former IRS head visited the Obama White House 157 times. If discovered that secret instructions from the administration went to agency authorities to work “enemy lists” against certain groups and their supporters, this is far the most insidious means of personal retribution against ordinary Americans. Privacy invasion and a secret “thought” police force are hardly a mere passing threat to our constitutional freedoms. Any member of Congress (our voted and legally paid for guardians of fairness) who dismisses the seriousness of this should be made to dig his or her own re-election grave.

Then will this be the last straw – when this outdated, employee-bloated taxing agency with its decades of bullying shenanigans is finally condemned and replaced?

It needs to be overhauled top to bottom using the technical efficiencies of our day, to make income tax paying simple, fair, and logical. Unfortunately, voter resentment must become a massive groundswell before clout exists to accomplish it.

Gerald R. Eberle