ILF field day at Smeltzer farm postponed

OTHO – Iowa Learning Farms, the Ann Smeltzer Charitable Trust Farm board of trustees and the Natural Resource and Conservation Service offices of Webster and Hamilton counties were planning to host a field day at the farm on Wednesday.

The field day has been postponed due to the wet spring and late planting season.

The field day will be held later this summer at a date yet to be determined.

When it is held, the field day will include discussions on the benefits of no-till and strip-till compared to traditional tillage using a 150-foot soil root pit dug across these three practices as a visual aid.

Visitors can compare the soil quality and root depth between these practices. Also attendees can see and learn about cover crops and bioreactors.

These in-field and edge-of-field practices will lessen nitrogen and phosphorus entering the waterways in accordance with Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

NRCS field staff will share work being done with buffers and streambanks to lessen erosion for improved water quality.

Demonstrations of the Conservation Station’s rainfall simulator will be conducted as well.