Garden Club members display floral handiwork

The result of mixing creativity with fresh flowers and dried plant material has produced a colorful display filling the center court of Crossroads Mall.

The floral handiwork that went on display Saturday and will remain on view today represents the efforts of members of the Fort Dodge Federated Garden Club. The club is holding its annual garden show at the mall. The club has held such shows since 1929.

”Nursery Rhymes Once Upon a Time” is the theme of the show, and the various displays were judged according to the National Garden Standard System of Awarding.

Florence Sandgren, of Fort Dodge, won third place for a container of multi-colored flowers she entered under the theme ”Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.”

”I just like a lot of colors,” said Sandgren, who has been a club member since 1989.

”I just get carried way and keep putting some of this in and some of that in,” she said, describing her flower-arranging technique.

Not all of the exhibits consisted of flowers in vases. The exhibition table category consisted of flowers, plates and centerpiece items that might be found on a dining room table. But no one would be able to eat at any of the tables because they were set up vertically.

Judith Walrod, of Somers, quickly assembled her first entry in the exhibition table category so that there would be enough entries for a proper judging. She ended up winning first place.

Her niece, Bailey Walrod, of Moorland, painted a plate and glass for her display to match the theme of ”Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.”

Marcia Anderson, of Harcourt, created a unique entry with an egg-shaped piece of wood and dried plant matter. She painted a baby robin on the egg and placed it in the middle of dried nesting moss to make a nest. She said the project took 10 hours over several days. Her work won a first place award.

The following awards were presented Saturday during the annual garden show of the Fort Dodge Federated Garden Club:

Awards of Merit, Roses – Marilyn Peterson-Shipp

Award of Merit, Perennials – Karen Johnson

Award of Merit, Bulbous Plants – Judith Walrod

Award of Merit, Herbs – Eleanor Den Hartog

Award of Merit, Container Grown Loretta Daisy

Growers Choice – Eleanor Den Hartog

Collector’s Showcase, Collections – Bev Longnecker

Collector’s Showcase, Displays – Loretta Daisy

The Arboreal Award – Bev Longnecker

Sweepstakes Award for most blue ribbons in horticulture division – Pam Gollob

Horticulture Excellence Award – Loretta Daisy

Tricolor Award – Loretta Daisy

Award of Distinction – Millie Nordeen

Award of Designer’s Choice – Jeanette Lawrence

Petite Award – Jan Krass

Table Artistry Award Marilyn Peterson-Shipp

Sweepstakes for Design Award – Jeanette Lawrence

Design of Excellence Award – Millie Nordeen

Youth Top Exhibitor Award – Carson Walrod

Educational Award Bev Longnecker

Artistic Craft Award – Sela Bryhne

Darlene Krambeck Award – Sharon Perkins

Lucille Swanson Award – Bev Longnecker

Judge’s Award – Barb Gollob

Past President’s Award – Cathy Brandal