CCS closes deal on Holy Rosary

The property at 2406 9 1/2 Ave. is no longer Holy Rosary. It is now officially the new Community Christian School.

CCS closed its deal Wednesday for the building and now owns it. Staff and students will move from their location at First Evangelical Free Church during the summer as their new building is cleaned and remodeled.

According to Margaret Shields, CCS dean of students, they will be ready by its first day of school on Aug. 21.

“I have people already over there, supporters of CCS, cleaning and sorting through the things that are there,” Shields said. “Our goal is, the next couple of months, to clean, paint, do some remodeling so we’ll be ready to open in the fall.”

Shields said it was exciting for CCS to have “a building of our own.”

“Everybody is very excited. We are thrilled,” she said. “God has worked in ways none of us could have imagined. And to think that a year ago we would not have dreamed of having a building of our own. It’s going to be fun to work in the new building, getting it ready.”

Already, Shields is consulting with outside agencies to maximize the potential of the new CCS.

“Today I met with some preschool experts, a child care consultant and our linking families consultant. A nurse consultant is visiting on Monday to look at our playground, our play room to get suggestions to make sure we make it the best it can be,” she said.

While the school’s capital campaign was a success, it continues through the summer.

“We did purchase a building, but we’re still raising funds to cover the costs that will incur with having a building of our own,” Shields said. “The next three years of costs of heating, things we have not had to pay here. The remodeling costs. There will be some expenses.”

She added, “We’ve been very pleased with the support of the people and businesses in the community.”

During the summer, CCS teachers and staff will be preparing for the move.

“The teachers have been packing boxes. All their rooms are filled with boxes and materials so they are ready to be moved,” Shields said. “The process of moving will happen when their rooms are done in the new building.”

Shields said 2013-14 will be a “historic” year for CCS.

“This next year it will be our 35th year,” she said. “To think, on our 35th year is a new adventure with a new building. We will still have the same goals, the same standards. But it will be historic in everything we do there, our Christmas show and graduation. It’s an exciting time for us.”

An open house on Sunday, from 2 to 4 p.m., will allow the public to see the new Community Christian School and ask questions of the administration and faculty.