Prosecutions may be required

Whether the Internal Revenue Service broke the law in harassing conservative political groups “is irrelevant,” White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told a reporter.

Really? Really?

Pfeiffer elaborated on the point, insisting that what is important is for President Barack Obama to ensure such abuses never occur again.

Clearly, then, Obama’s strategy is to slap a few IRS officials on the wrists, perhaps suggest to a few, as he has, that they should resign – and hope the scandal goes away.

It will not.

It is illegal to use the IRS against one’s political opponents. That was done by some in the agency, quite possibly in reaction to Obama’s oft-repeated insistence that those who oppose him are, somehow, evil – and should not be tolerated.

Pfeiffer is wrong.

Those responsible for using the IRS to harass political foes should be prosecuted.