Testimony to continue Wednesday

Jurors in the murder and kidnapping trial of Kirk Levin will continue to hear testimony from state’s witnesses Wednesday morning after court ended for the day around 4:15 Tuesday afternoon.

Levin is accused of killing his mother, Marilyn Schmitt, and kidnapping Jessica Vega, of Storm Lake, on Jan. 3.

In the afternoon, jurors heard testimony from Dr. Sabrina Seehafer, a DNA specialist with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

Seehafer said she examined blood that was found throughout the crime scene as well as on Schmitt’s car and on clothing found in the car’s trunk.

According to Seehafer, DNA analysis suggested that blood from Schmitt was found on the clothing, while Levin’s blood was found on the car’s window and on a door handle leading to the house.

“The probability of finding this profile in a population of unrelated individuals selected at random would be less than 1 out of 100 billion,” she said.

Following her testimony, Judge Timothy Finn ordered court to be in recess.

Testimony will continue at 9 a.m. Wednesday.